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The Gillispie School Phase 1 Renovation - La Jolla, CA

Lakewood Builders and The Gillispie School have partnered for the Phase 1 Campus Enhancement remodel taking place at 7380 Girard Ave over the summer months of 2019.

Scope of Work

With a multitude of site improvements and interior renovations, this project will transform the existing campus into a more secure and modern learning facility. Concurrent work will begin in all four primary building structures starting with abatement and selective demo throughout. As the classrooms and faculty space are clear for construction; foundation and underground plumbing work will be performed followed by framing and MEP rough-in. Once rough inspections have been cleared the building will be closed up and finishes will begin. The sitework will progress simultaneously as the work on the structures continues. During this time a number of construction crews and teams will work, per the direction of Lakewood Builders to achieve milestones and stay on track according to the project's construction schedule.

Accelerated Schedule

With just 91 calendar days and 78 total working days; the construction schedule for the main campus renovation taking place in 4 buildings and additional site work upgrades is aggressive to say the least. Our construction team and subcontractors are working 6 days a week to ensure we do not miss a beat and the students can be back to school by Fall.

Lakewood Team

The Gillispie School Phase 1 Project is led by Lakewood Lead Superintendent Darrick Ofenloch and Project Manager Brian Galea. They are assisted by Project Engineer Alyssa Scott, Assistant Superintendent Brian Roy, and Project Engineer Intern Dylan Lindsay.

Project Start-Up

The students had fun painting the soon-to-be demoed walls as seen below. Once the summer officially began, we secured the site as necessary and with the work of the faculty, began to clear the classrooms for demo.

Half-Way Update

Entering the 3rd week of July the Phase 1 project has just passed the half-way point. While the usual construction related hiccups have occurred; the design team, school board, and Lakewood have been moving right along and are about to enter the finishing stages of our fast-paced project. Underground plumbing and rough-in has been completed and inspected, new structural concrete and building framing are almost complete. We are entering the final stretch with no signs of slowing down.

Week of August the 5th

We are now beginning to close up walls and get through a lot of the infrastructure flat work here at The Gillispie School. A lot of changes will take place over the next few weeks including finishing up stucco, drywall, and beginning to install the finishes. Stay tuned for more updates through the month of August!

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